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For Your Small Animals

Allen & Page Gui...

£24.99 £26.25

Allen & Page Guinea Pig 20kg Made from high-quality ingredients including cereals (barley, maize, oats), peas, beans and real carrot pieces. This mix is balanced with all the vitamins and minerals your guinea pig needs. It should be fed with plenty of hay and constant access to clean, fresh..

Allermyl Shampoo

£24.99 £25.56

Allermyl Shampoo Allermyl shampoo is a soothing shampoo for cats and dogs. It  contains key ingredients such as vitamin E that may help to minimise damage caused by irritation, an antimicrobial to limit bacterial growth, and essential fatty acids that may help to repair the skin. Size:  20..

Aubiose Hemp Bedding...

£14.95 £15.19

Aubiose Hemp Bedding - 20kg Made from 100% natural hemp, Aubiose is dust-free and perfect for keeping your hens or rabbits cosy at night. It is much more absorbent than straw and shavings and has natural fly repellent qualities, making it ideal bedding for hens, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses.After..

Barrier Natural Flea...


Barrier Natural Flea & Tick Spray 400mlA 100% natural insect repellent to help protect against fleas and ticks on dogs by direct application to the coat. Gentle enough to use sparingly from 21 days old. To help prevent re-infestation ensure bedding, carpets and surrounding areas are treated sepa..

Bestpets Hygiene Cat...

£7.37 £7.99

Bestpets Hygiene Cat Litter 20LtrBestpets Hygiene Cat Litter offers:Effective odour controlSmall holes for quick absorption of moistureLow dust contentNon-clumping100% calcium silicate..

Bestpets Rabbit Food...

£9.95 £12.50

Bestpets Rabbit Food-15kgThis mix is a palatable complementary diet plan to help maintain the rabbit’s health and fitness by contributing some vitamins minerals and composite nutrients including protein and fibre...

Bestpets Wood Based ...

£10.51 £11.99

Bestpets Wood Based Cat Litter 30LtrUltra absorbent, biodegradable with a pine fragrance. Woodbase cat litter helps to keep your pet happy and healthy, with a pine fragrance to keep your home smelling fresh.Produced in the United Kingdom from 100% recovered sawdust.Directions for useProvide a litter..

Breederpack Cat Crun...

£24.50 £32.99

Breederpack Crunchy Complete is a high quality, dry cat food.  With it's crunchy kibble, this cat food is sure to go down well.The dry food will help to clean teeth and will prevent the build up of plaque tartar.Looks after your cats oral healthComposition: Meat and animal deriva..

BreederPack Premium ...

£9.50 £10.50

BreederPack Premium Chunk Variety 12Pack Cat Food - 400GPremium Chunks Cat 12 x 400g is a premium, complete cat food.Contains 3 different flavours of tinned food for your cat 4 x Seafood , 4 x Beef & Heart and 4 x Chicken & Turkey Great value food..

Burgess Excel Adult ...


Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggets With Mint A delicious, complementary food for adult rabbits that’s high in fibre and rich in nutrients. Excel Tasty Nuggets prevent selective feeding where the rabbit picks out the sweet, high sugar elements of the diet and leaves the nutritious and fibre rich..

Burgess Excel Ferret...

£6.99 £9.25

Burgess Ferret Nuggets are a single component extruded diet which helps prevent selective feeding. This super premium complete ferret food is made from high quality ingredients and is fully supplemented for optimum health.The product contains high levels of quality chicken which provides the essenti..

Chudleys Rabbit Roya...

£13.95 £14.99

Chudleys Rabbit Royale is a best-selling complete muesli, ideal for both growing and adult rabbits.Tasty wholesome mix of pellets, cereals & forage with added herbs and vegetables for an appetising aroma, good levels of beneficial fibre (32%) and prebiotics to help support digestive health, feed..

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